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We provide event-branded reusable bottles that not only offer a sustainable alternative to single-use plastic but also serve as powerful advertising branding tools. Attendees can refill these bottles at our strategically placed high-visibility refill stations, reducing waste and leaving a lasting impression. It’s not just about staying hydrated; it’s about the event making a statement for sustainability.

By choosing our event-branded reusable bottles and refill stations, event organisers can meet their ESG goals. Together, we’re turning events into hubs of positive environmental change, cutting single use plastic waste and reducing refuse removal costs.

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We work with a range of customers across the live music, sports, charity, media, travel and adventure sectors to help them showcase their brand and their commitment to going plastic-free.

2023 stats

Some interesting 2023 stats from The AB Project


2023 – Over 318,000 (550ml) chilled filtered refills

2022 – Over 177,000 (550ml) chilled filtered refills


2023 – Supplied over 13,750 sustainable alternatives

2022 – Supplied over 8,900 sustainable alternatives


We expect these stats to more than double for 2024

What our event organisers are saying

“As a non-profit organization focused on environmental stewardship, it made total sense for Dogwood Arts to partner with The AB Project to make our events more sustainable and reduce waste from single-use plastic bottles. Their on-site activation was engaging, mobile, and easy for attendees to utilize on a regular basis – not to mention, helped reduce wait times in food/bar lines for guests just wanting to quickly hydrate. We maximized brand awareness with a custom-designed bottle that attendees, vendors, volunteers, and event staff loved! We will definitely work with them again for future events.”

Shannon Herron, Marketing & Creative Director , Dogwood Arts

“Manx Radio partnered with Robin and The AB Project team at The Royal Manx Agricultural Show 2022. Robin and her team attended the two day show which is held at Knockaloe, Patrick, Isle of Man which saw over 20,000 people visit.

They supplied show visitors, vendors, and exhibitors with 1,245 litres of chilled filtered Manx water saving approximately 2,490 500ml single use plastic bottles. The response was hugely positive and well received by the Manx public. We really enjoyed working with The AB Project and look forward to working with them again across more events during 2023.”

Tony Palmer, Business Manager, Manx Radio

“Big Ears was so happy to partner with The AB Project and provide refillable water stations at our 2023 events: The Big Ears Festival and Our Common Nature: An Appalachian Celebration with Yo-Yo Ma. Not only did it significantly reduce plastic waste, but it also fostered a sense of community and environmental responsibility among audience members. The convenience of easy access to clean water encouraged hydration and kept everyone refreshed and energized throughout the events.”

Casey Fox, Director of Development, Big Ears Festival

“I have been fortunate to work with The AB Project on several different occasions. It’s very rewarding to help out with such an environmentally conscious company. I have had the privilege to interact with local folks during the Knoxville largest Kid Party and McNabb Centre Knoxville Tennis Challenger was a wonderful experience. Being able to educate people on using filtered water instead bottled water seems to be a universal concern for many people out there. I am proud to be associated with The AB Project and would work with them anytime.”

Laura Benton, Entrepreneur/Philanthropist

“We were so thrilled to find The AB Project when trying to figure out an efficient and sustainable solution for providing water at our largest event of the year, Volapalooza: Party in the Park! Robin and Cory are so great to work with, ensuring that it is a great experience for all, especially the event attendees. The icing on the cake is that they then give back a portion of the proceeds to the “Big Orange Pantry,” the on-campus food pantry that provides meals and groceries for the UTK community. I can’t recommend The AB Project enough, and look forward to working with them for years to come!”

Dianne Foulke, Associate Director UTK

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