We are passionate about the environment

The AB Project is about helping reverse the catastrophic impact on the environment.

A percentage of all income go to benefiting charities and not-for-profit organizations that work to reduce waste on the planet.

Our team

Find out more about our founders and what made them set up The AB Project

Our founders Robin Birdsall and Cory Dickson enjoy a friendship that spans decades. Having met through their previous corporate jobs, they share the same values of hard work, dedication to family and faith in one’s convictions. Their belief is distance, life challenges, economic climate and most recently, a global pandemic, should not challenge the integrity of what is held close.

Robin & Cory’s passion for The AB Project reveals the enormous, unacceptable amount of single-use plastic bottles that end up in the sea, oceans, lakes, and streams. Whether it be the lakes and streams of the Tennessee Valley, the sun-drenched waters of the Mediterranean, or the exhilarating and rugged coastlines of the Irish Sea, our planet’s waterways need to be protected. Robin and Cory are committed to The ab Project, just like their decade-old friendship and the fight to make all things sustainable.

Robin Birdsall
Robin BirdsallFounder
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Cory Dickson
Cory DicksonFounder
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Oliver Huntsman
Oliver HuntsmanPartner
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Lucas Martin
Lucas MartinE-Commerce
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