Press Release – The AB Project Partner With Manx Wildlife Trust

Isle Of Man Food and Drink Festival

The Island-based company located in Castletown, is a global initiative to reduce the waste caused by the single-use plastic bottle. The AB Project will be in the “Sustainability Corner” offering special-edition Manx Wildlife Trust aluminium water bottles for purchase as well as providing unlimited chilled, filtered water refills, with a portion of all proceed going back to Manx Wildlife Trust.

Ian Birdsall, Managing Director of The AB Project said: “By reducing the number of single-use plastic water bottles not only helps to protect the island, getting water from a tap or refill station is virtually carbon-free, in today’s global climate just one reusable bottle makes a difference” We believe in change, we believe in making a difference.

Graham Makepeace-Warne, Engagement Manager at Manx Wildlife Trust said: ‘We all know just how unsustainable single-use plastic water bottles are and how much damage they can cause to marine life if they end up in the sea. I love the AB Project scheme because it is not just about providing reusable water bottles. The free refills really help to encourage people to get into the habit of carrying their bottles with them and reusing them as often as possible. Changing mindset and habits is the only way we are going to start making a meaningful change in our society. I look forward to stocking the bottles at our Peel Gift Shop where we have our own refill location’

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