Our event at Knoxville’s Largest Kids Party

Inaugral event

I am very pleased to announce that we have completed our very first event at Knoxville’s Largest Kids Party!!

The event was on Saturday June 5th, well attended and myself (Robin) and my sister Debbie were on hand to work on our Alternative Bottle Project!

Debbie & I were armed with our new event trailer, complete with drinking water hookup, chilled dispensers and of course hundreds of reusable aluminium bottles thanks to Chick-Fil-A Knoxville!

Here are some fun facts about what we achieved!

  • Over 1,000 chilled water refills dispensed

  • 20% of attendees bought a reusable bottle

  • When our customers continue to reuse our bottles – it could stop as many as 50,000 single-use plastic bottles being used 🤯

  • Like our mantra – Think Big and Act Better!

Cory and I feel particularly passionate about the work we do – by being at the event and providing an alternative to Single-use plastic bottles and chilled fresh drinking water it meant that the environmental impact of the event was reduced, and as you can see above – with so many reusable bottles with our customers – new habits will mean a large reduction in the amount of single-use waste generated over the next year or more!

It was lovely to see so many families and youngsters enjoying themselves and let me tell you, there was some heat on Saturday.

Being there we hoped to raise some awareness around the impacts on the environment with our dependence on single-use plastics, which I think we achieved!
With our chilled refills, it quickly became apparent that we were also a vital service to the event attendees – it is so important to stay hydrated in the outdoor heat!

The AB Project at Knoxville's Largest Kids Party


Between everyone in the AB Project team we’ve been running events for decades, and one thing remains a constant. 

Each event presents a new surprise!

Knoxville’s Largest Kids Party would be no exception. 

We were approached by every other trade vendor at the event. They would normally buy dozens of single-use plastic bottles for their crews to stay hydrated, buy bagged ice and bring a cooler along.

The moment they met Debbie and me they stocked up with our reusable bottles and a steady stream of their staff started to appear in our line for free, fresh, frigid, filtered water!

I just loved the day, our bottles made a fab souvenir and if you’re a business reading this, Chick Fil A has some fantastic advertising for as long as our bottles are out there!

Best wishes


Ps If Y’all missed out on buying one of bottles and would like one – drop me an email and I can work out how to send you one 😊

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