In a world where plastic waste threatens our environment, one organization is leading the charge to create a sustainable future. The AB Project, a trailblazer in combating single-use plastic at events, recently showcased their remarkable efforts at the iconic IOM TT 2023.

Our impact was captured in an awe-inspiring YouTube video that will leave you eager to join the movement.

Revving Towards Sustainability:

The video takes viewers on a thrilling journey through the heart-pounding racing action of IOM TT 2023. Oliver Huntsman, partner at The AB Project, guides us through their mission to reduce plastic waste while immersing us in the electrifying atmosphere of the event.

A Powerful Solution: Reusable Bottles and Refill Stations:

The AB Project’s core strategy revolves around providing event organizers with reusable bottles and high-visibility refill stations. The video showcases how these initiatives have already made a significant impact. By offering event-branded bottles, The AB Project not only provides attendees with a sustainable alternative to single-use plastic but also creates an effective branding opportunity for event organizers and sustainability sponsors.

These bottles become a constant reminder of the event’s commitment to the environment long after the event concludes.

Branding for a Better Future:

The video emphasizes the branding potential of The AB Project’s reusable bottles. Event organizers can customize the bottles with their own branding or partner with sustainability-focused sponsors to amplify their ESG goals. The enduring visibility of these branded bottles, whether on office desks or in public spaces, provides a unique and powerful marketing opportunity. It’s a win-win situation, where sustainability goals are achieved while leaving a lasting impression on attendees and beyond.

Join the Revolution:

The AB Project’s YouTube video captures the essence of their commitment to sustainability and the tremendous impact we’ve already achieved.

Let’s be a part of the solution. Watch the video, share it with others, and join The AB Project’s mission to reshape our relationship with plastic. Together, we can create a greener, more sustainable future.

Robin Birdsall Co-Founder:-

The Alternative Bottle Project (The AB Project) is a global initiative to reduce the waste caused by the single-use plastic water bottle. The presence of our mobile hydration unit, as well as our stand-alone hydration stations, offering free chilled, filtered water dramatically reduces the litter caused by the single-use plastic water bottle. We believe in change, changing the culture of outdoor events, changing the way organisers, vendors and attendees think about the environment. In effort to make a more sustainable world, we proudly hydrate outdoor events. Refill-Reuse.

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